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The HyAccelerator is Snam’s unique international program to boost ideas, innovators and technologies that will lead the hydrogen revolution towards a sustainable future. It is one of Snam open innovation initiatives under Snaminnova program, which experiments with breakthrough solutions and spreads the culture of innovation

HyAccelerator hydrogen accelerator


Snam aims to drive the energy transition and empower disruptive ideas and intrepid innovators. 
Through the HyAccelerator, we intend to shape the hydrogen value chain of the future and deliver the most advanced hydrogen deep technologies to the world, strengthening our commitment to decarbonization

future hydrogen value chain energy transition


The HyAccelerator supports startups and entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas in the hydrogen ecosystem. The program entails access to Snam’s Hydrogen Innovation Center, a worldwide network of research hubs intertwining our core business competencies in energy systems with cutting-edge research and facilities from academic partners

Hydrogen network Hydrogen Innovation Center

HyAccelerator Program

The HyAccelerator launches periodical Call4Startup on hydrogen-related focus areas. Snam selects a limited number of startups to be invited to the HyAccelerator program, benefiting from mentoring and technical, economic and legal support for their entrepreneurial development


Apply before the deadline to be amongst the selected startups to access the HyAccelerator program!

HyAccelerator Program 

Selected candidates from the Call4Startup will be invited to join Snam on a fast track to develop a pre-feasibility study for a real use case application

Final Session

After the acceleration period, you will be presenting your solution and progress to an extended audience of Snam partners and investment funds


After the acceleration period, Snam proposes to the selected startups either a go-to-market strategy or to continue the joint development of the proposed solution

Focus Areas

Hydrogen Production focus area


Producing hydrogen on a large scale is crucial for the success of the Energy Transition. Technology development for low carbon hydrogen is essential, as well as progress in terms of costs and technology performance

Hydrogen transportation focus area


Asset readiness for the transportation of hydrogen is the key to establish a full hydrogen economy. Optimization and innovation of traditional transportation requires new solutions and materials to enable the direct injection of hydrogen into the grid as well as cost-effective solutions for the separation and purification of hydrogen from natural gas blends

hydrogen storage focus area

Storage & Carriers

Storage technology enhancement is fundamental to allow the deployment of hydrogen in the power and transportation sectors. The development of high-performance materials and identification of low-cost organic and inorganic storage systems could result in a substantial boost to the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen industry end-use focus area

Industry end-use

Enhanced and innovative technological low-carbon solutions are necessary to bring hydrogen to industrial users. To open the path for deep decarbonization, the role of stationary fuel cells or other alternative technologies for end-use of hydrogen is crucial in hard-to-abate sectors

Hydrogen mobility end-use focus area

Mobility end-use

Development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cells will be a key enabler of zero emission mobility. A dedicated refuelling infrastructure and local storage is also needed to ensure safe and cost-effective transition to hydrogen-based mobility

Alternative fuels focus area

Alternative Fuels

Innovative systems and new catalysts for the production of alternative fuels, starting from H2 and CO2, are essential to accelerate a sustainable transition


On Our Way to Zero

The second edition of the HyAccelerator Call4Startup is now open for startups with solutions along the entire hydrogen value chain, thus including all the six HyAccelerator focus areas

Propose your H2 Project 

Submit your idea or project to the HyAccelerator for a potential joint collaboration

hydrogen startup call for startup

Meet the Team

"Hydrogen opens a path for us to live in a greener, fairer and more prosperous world. That’s why it’s worth developing its technologies.
Now is the time to invest in achieving the future our planet deserves."

The application process to the Call4Startup On Our Way to Zero is currently closed.  You are being directed to the Snaminnova website where you will be able to log in and see your application to the Call4Startup On Our Way to Zero, if you have already made one

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The application process to the Call4Startup On Our Way to Zero is currently closed.  You are being directed to the Snaminnova website where you will be able to log in and see your application to the Call4Startup On Our Way to Zero, if you have already made one

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