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The second HyAccelerator Call4Startup, On Our Way to Zero, is meant to identify and develop cutting-edge technologies along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production of hydrogen and alternative fuels to end-users. We are looking for startups to develop a solution in any of the six focus areas with the goal of identifying new use cases together with Snam, for the application of the proposed solution into a real environment

To apply to On Our Way to Zero, startups will be asked to register on SnamInnova - Snam’s Open Innovation program - and submit their personal data, information about the proposed solution and a pitch presentation

Each proposed solution will be evaluated by a team of experts and, at the end of the selection process, the most promising startups will be selected to be accelerated

Focus Areas

Hydrogen Production focus area


Producing hydrogen on a large scale is crucial for the success of the Energy Transition. Technology development for low carbon hydrogen is essential, as well as progress in terms of costs and technology performance

Hydrogen transportation focus area


Asset readiness for the transportation of hydrogen is the key to establish a full hydrogen economy. Optimization and innovation of traditional transportation requires new solutions and materials to enable the direct injection of hydrogen into the grid as well as cost-effective solutions for the separation and purification of hydrogen from natural gas blends

hydrogen storage focus area

Storage & Carriers

Storage technology enhancement is fundamental to allow the deployment of hydrogen in the power and transportation sectors. The development of high-performance materials and identification of low-cost organic and inorganic storage systems could result in a substantial boost to the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen industry end-use focus area

Industry end-use

Enhanced and innovative technological low-carbon solutions are necessary to bring hydrogen to industrial users. To open the path for deep decarbonization, the role of stationary fuel cells or other alternative technologies for end-use of hydrogen is crucial in hard-to-abate sectors

Hydrogen mobility end-use focus area

Mobility end-use

Development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cells will be a key enabler of zero emission mobility. A dedicated refuelling infrastructure and local storage is also needed to ensure safe and cost-effective transition to hydrogen-based mobility

Alternative fuels focus area

Alternative Fuels

Innovative systems and new catalysts for the production of alternative fuels, starting from H2 and CO2, are essential to accelerate a sustainable transition

Why Take Part

The winners of the Challenge will be provided with the necessary tools and perks to develop a real use case in collaboration with Snam, without being asked any equity. These include funds, mentoring from Snam hydrogen professionals and support from academic experts. Furthermore, by entering Snam’s network, startups will have the opportunity to get in touch with industry pioneers in the field of the Energy Transition

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For more details about On Our Way to Zero, please refer to the attached regulation and privacy policy

RegulationPrivacy Policy


November - December 2022

Collection of applications

After the call opening, participants must submit their candidacy no later than December 31st, 2022


December - January 2023

Evaluation of applications

Following the application phase, selected candidates will be contacted by Snam for a brief video interview. Afterwards, Snam will communicate which startups will take part to the final Pitch Event


February 2023

Final Pitch Event

Selected startups will exhibit their solution to the Snam Innovation Committee


From April 2023


Startups awarded as winners will enter the acceleration program for a period of up to 6 months to develop a First Industrial Deployment design


Upcoming 2022 Call4Startup

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2021 Call4Startup

The first HyAccelerator call, The HyAccelerator Challenge, is meant to identify and develop cutting-edge technologies along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to end-users.